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ISBN#: 9781452465739 / 9781456368609
September 21, 2010
356 Pages
Fiction, Literary, Romance, Fantasy (general)
Rating 5 cups

Varene has been burned by love and now lives her life to heal. When the talking bird comes to ask her to go to a distant country and heal the royal family stricken with an unknown malady, she goes to do what she does best: use her magic and training to save as many as she can. When the sultan tempts her in unexpected ways, she is torn between repeating past mistakes and giving into a passion like none she has ever experienced.

Kuramos was told by his mentor, who lay on his death bed, that ‘she’ would come. When the fiery physician bursts into his life leaving a path of change and chaos in her wake, he is torn between screaming and kissing her into submission. But while her healing hands are saving his children and family’s lives, can she save his heart?

Two very strong-willed people fighting illness as well as the weight and responsibility of ruling a country are left battling feelings for each other. Will they find a balance and manage it all, or will the passion that ignites between them consume a nation and leave it in ashes?

In a place where magic lingers and gazelle roam tame through gardens while women relax in jewels and silks, Rowan has crafted an enveloping tale with so much sexual tension that the pages are likely to burn your fingers as you eagerly beg for more. An exceptionally dynamic and powerful male character clashes with a well-rounded and conflicted female in this rich story of another world. An excellent, wonderfully written story, and I will look forward to more from this vivid storyteller.

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