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ISBN#: 978-1-60370-836-4
April 21, 2010
Torquere Press
37 Pages
Gay Romance, Historical
Rating: 3 Cups

Alfie is a gay man living in the Georgian England when being gay is pretty much forbidden. He is crippled by a horrible stammer, and loves attending the theater above all else.

Lieutenant Markham is a member of the royal navy who has been grounded recently since it is a time of peace.

Eleanor is Alfie’s ward.

Lord George Caldwell is Lieutenant Markham’s cousin and he is very interested in Eleanor as a wife.

When Alfie takes Eleanor for a stroll, they meet Lord George Caldwell and Lieutenant Markham. George and Eleanor are both quickly smitten with each other, and it is not long before George is earnestly courting Eleanor. Alfie does not know it, but Lieutenant Markham is just as taken with him as George is with Alfie. However, in Georgian England, if one is gay, one does not advertise it. While Alfie is very attracted to Lieutenant Markham, acting on that attraction is something else entirely. Will he be able to overcome his fear of being outed to be with Lieutenant Markham, or will he walk away from what could be the best thing that has ever happened to him?

I enjoyed reading Kindred Hearts. The author clearly understands history and how difficult it was to be a gay man during this time period. The Georgian period comes to blazing life beneath the pen of this author and you get a bird’s eye view into what it must have been like to live then. The storyline is engaging, and the author drops just enough clues to keep the reader interested. While I would have liked to read more about the actual relationship between Alfie and Lieutenant Markham, this was an enjoyable story none the less.

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