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ISBN #: 9780425239308
January 2011
Trade Paperback
$ 14.00
332 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sara Graves is forty-six. At one time, she was a high-powered executive until one morning she woke to find she just could not do it anymore. Shortly after, she found love only to lose it.

Ash Lindeman is a very successful attorney and businessman. His family has taken care of the Ousay family for generations. He is mature, handsome and almost too charming. He can be ruthless to get what he wants.

Sara’s marriage ended with the death of her husband, Daniel, after only three weeks. She learns she really never knew him when she travels to France to settle his estate. Instead of a rundown house, she finds she is the owner of a crumbling 400 year old chateau. Daniel was definitely more than an impoverished poet. That was not the only secret Daniel had kept. His friend and attorney, Ash, is torn between his duty to Daniel’s family and his growing love for Sara.

This story really was one I could identify with. Sara is a middle-aged workaholic who suddenly needs to change her life. She has spent her life taking care of her family and is now trying to take care of herself after losing what she thought was the love of her life. She goes to France just wanting to get rid of her legacy and ends up embracing it. The author has done a phenomenal job of telling Sara and Ash’s story. Her descriptions of Chateau Rondelais and the book’s characters are beautifully vivid. I loved reading about her efforts to renovate the chateau and Ash’s futile efforts to stay uninvolved. Sara’s gradual emergence from grief-stricken widow to mother and chateau owner will keep you enthralled to the very last page.

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