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ISBN: 9781937325046
August 2011
Beachwalk Press, Inc.
163 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 4 Cups

Kit and Adam Jacobs are happily married, but they know they are missing that special something. That special link is their third in the ménage a trios that has allowed them to explore many different delights in the bedroom.

Gavan Karik is the lover who has been invited into the Jacobs’ hearts, home and bedroom. But he has issues that are not easily resolved and needs time to figure things out.

While Kit and Adam are willing to allow Gavan to get his life in order, they are not willing to subject their hearts and marriage to any more heartache. They give him the ultimatum of being with them completely or not being with them at all. One life event after another continues to interrupt the struggles that Gavan has as he tries to come to terms with his past choices. Will Gavan choose to be with the married couple with all of his heart, or will Kit and Adam make a permanent break from a man they both have come to love wholeheartedly?

Stephanie Beck has taken a tale that could have been nothing more than a great erotica story and made it into an emotional and powerful tale of trials, errors and unconditional love. The obstacles that Gavan faces are realistic and allowed the reader to see how humanized this novel is. I loved the different times Kit went to bat for Gavan, fighting so strongly for all she believed in. Then you have the raw sensuality that encompasses Gavan and Adam with each caress, kiss and sigh. My only complaint is some of Gavan’s issues seemed resolved quite quickly, almost too quickly. Just One More is the type of book I would want to read time and again.

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