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Cardwell Ranch Series
Book 1: Justice at Cardwell Ranch
Book 2: Cardwell Ranch Trespasser
Book 3: Christmas at Cardwell Ranch
Book 4: Rescue at Cardwell Ranch
Book 5: Wedding at Cardwell Ranch

Sequel to Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
ISBN# (13)9780373696444
October 2012
Harlequin Intrigue
$5.25 US/$6.25 CAN
216 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Twenty years before, Jordan Cardwell’s best friend has committed suicide, although Jordan can never believe it to be true. Coming back to Big Sky is not going to be easy, considering what a jerk he has been for the past six years. To get answers, however, is more important.

Time seems to have only changed Jordan for the better at least, which is what deputy marshal Liza Turner would like to believe. Why she even cares is more worrying than she likes to admit though.

His twenty year class reunion is turning into a beehive of lies and deceits, yet Jordan cannot say he is surprised. The death of his best friend has bothered him for a long time, so when another good friend is also killed, Jordan knows he is on to something. Liza grudgingly accepts Jordan’s help, given his connection to the likeliest suspects. What she does not count on is how easily they work together, both on and off the case.

Jordan comes on the scene with two strikes against him, yet readers want to believe he has what it takes to redeem himself. His relationship with his family is so strained readers can immediately feel the tension the instant this story begins. However, I would like to see more of an actual connection between Jordan and Liza, for their relationship seems almost an afterthought. This is an exciting read that I feel has the potential to be exceptional with a little more depth to the characters.

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