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Book #1 in the Evil Trilogy
ISBN# 9781465943293
343 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Kit Griffin, child of a former actress Alana Stevens, suffered inexplicable horrors by the hands of none other than her own mother. Finally free of her grasp, she has managed to open her coffee and bookshop business to live a life in a small town with a handful of people she considers family.

Jake Boston is a CEO of a multi-million dollar company he built from scratch, a family friend and childhood love of Kit’s. After being accused of his wife’s murder, Jake left for a year to get away from everything and comes back with plans of winning Kit over, but before he could get her to forgive him Alana is found murdered with Kit as a prime suspect.

Knowing Kit is innocent, just like he was, Jake does everything in his power to protect and help her confront childhood demons. Delving into the dark past of Alana reveals a forty year old double murder leading to the door of a legal dynasty. With bodies piling up by a killer on a vengeance trip, police are unwilling to look anywhere except at their prime suspect. Will Kit and Jake be able to resolve their past, clear themselves of murders, and find love or will they become the next victims on the killer’s list?

Kit is a sweet but determined woman who we cannot guess had a nightmarish childhood at first glance, has recovered and managed very well to ignore her past, but when her mother’s murder forces her to visit those demons again she shows a strength of character very few people can after suffering all that she did. Jake on the other hand has always been focused on becoming a successful businessman until one wrong decision forced him to reassess what he wants in life. He is perfect for her, giving her strength, support and love where she needs it, yet not treating her like a china doll. He is not afraid to admit his mistakes nor scared to face the unexpected as long as he has her. The supporting characters will be main characters in future two books. They have strong, distinctive characters which the author has written in such a perfect way that it neither steals the show away from Jake & Kit nor make me indifferent to read more about them. Ms. Mckeehan has dared venture into a zone where not all is as it seems and wrote about the horrors and abuse children and adults alike may suffer in the hands of people ‘just evil’ without pulling punches, for which I salute her. It is a rare place for a romance author to go. Ending on a happy cliff-hanger, I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.

Please note: Not for the light-hearted.

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