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Victoria Bay Novel
Book 1: Just for Tonight
Book 2: Just Don't Go

Victoria Bay Novel, Book 2
ISBN# 9780982021194
April 2011
Bonaparte Press
E Book
95 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tess Sinclair lives a comfortable, organized, and sometimes lonely life. She shares a condominium with her sister and has a great new job. Her career is very important to her, and besides family, there is just not enough time for anyone else.

Kade Alohi is used to being in the spotlight, but that does not mean he likes it. An ex-professional surfer, now business owner, he wishes he could meet someone who understands him and likes him for himself.

When Tess first sees Kade, she is instantly attracted to his surfer boy look, but dismisses having any chance with him. He likes her too; but before he can tell her, she leaves after an embarrassing moment. The next time they meet up, her cheeks turn red again, but she agrees to meet him later that night. Once they both relax, their relationship has an intense connection. Tess knows that Kade is perfect for her, but she pushes him away for all the wrong reasons. Kade loves her, but he is tired of trying to make people love and accept him.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was filled with tons of emotions from all the characters, and I laughed some moments and cried others. I really liked the way Tess and Kade were written. They were both very believable to me, and I liked that it was Tess running away from the relationship while Kade tried to hang on to her. The supporting characters were interesting, and I am hoping for a third installment in this emotional, exciting series.

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