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Book 1: Just a Little Faith
Book 2: Just a Little Hope

Book 2
ISBN: 9781621351788
Astraea Press
232 pages
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Rating: 5 cups

If Tori Albertson did not know any better, she would think that Carter Manning, a.k.a. "Mr. Blue Eyes" had her on his radar. As she keeps running into him, literally, she wonders just who this handsome man is with the gorgeous blue eyes. It turns out he is a professional baseball player, and a teammate of her best friend Pax'`s boyfriend.

As Tori and Carter get to know one another, they realize they share more than just attraction; they share the same strong faith. This brings them closer together, and sustains them as they deal with difficult situations - as Carter deals with his wayward sister and Tori learns the earth-shattering news that her father has been diagnosed with cancer.

But when Tori learns of a secret that Carter has kept from her, her trust is shattered. Only her strong faith and the support from family and close friends can help her make a decision about the future they might share.

I really enjoyed this book; it is active and well written and it is easy to root for Carter and Tori. I also liked how as an inspirational romance it is not preachy; you can see where the characters draw their strength from. The high points and lows that they go through drew me into their world, and it was interesting to see how different characters coped with crises and loss. It is a realistic and romantic story, and if you are a fan of inspirational romance, give this book a try!

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