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ISBN: 9781936222025
September 2009
Wild Child Publishing
96 Pages
Mystery/ Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

As a former police officer, father, separated husband, and now as a private investigator, Phil Allman had thought he heard it all. Until someone came forward with information about Elvis Presley's twin brother still being alive.

Felix Brigati is a well known singer himself, singing rock ‘n roll in the same way that The Beatles or Elvis did. While Elvis Presley began to distance himself from his admirers as he became more famous. Felix sang about how poor and bleak America could be, earning him even more respect from his followers.

Phil is offered an extreme amount of money to look into the man now known as Robert Zimmerman. Along the way he finds a past love from high school, a possible new love interest, and three murders that are somehow connected. Will Phil be able to find Elvis Presley's twin brother before it is too late?

Jesse Garon is the type of private investigator that a reader loves to read about. When Mr. Wallach writes about this wise cracking, rough, no nonsense, take charge man, he hit upon a great story idea. The problem was there is so much jumping around from the suspense of finding Jesse Garon to the murders, that I at times felt lost. I think the main reason the book is not a total loss is because of how the storyline comes across as a classic detective story, making it a little darker and edgier without being overly crude. Good start for this debut novelist as well as for this being a first book within a series.

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