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Jane Bites Series
Book 1 Jane Bites Back
Book 2 Jane Goes Batty
Book 3 Jane Vows Vengeance

Jane Bites, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-345-51366-3 / 978-0-345-52434-8
Feb 2011
Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback / E-Book
$14.00 US / $16.00 CAN / $9.99
285 Pages
Fiction, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

The stress in her life feels overwhelming. Jane Fairfax, as she is now known, has finally achieved some breakthrough literary success with her bestseller, Constance. Unfortunately, she is suffering a severe case of writer’s block and is far behind deadline on a promised second book.

Walter Fletcher loves Jane and wants to get married but his mother, Miriam, is obstinately opposed and is not shy about letting her intense dislike for Jane be known.

Walter does not know Jane is actually Jane Austin, famous classic author, and a vampire. Jane struggles with the fact that Walter is human and debates the question of whether or not to tell him that she is not. Meanwhile, his mother is stirring up heaps of trouble. But those are the least of all the problems plaguing our feckless Jane. Her whole life and most of her relationships are in a shamble. And to top it all off, an old foe resurfaces and a challenge is issued.

This tongue-in-cheek, satiric tale is packed with literary and film references which, after a while, just seem to exhaust my tolerance of and appreciation for snarky humor. I feel that some of the slapstick comedy is overdone, too, especially the ongoing twin mix-ups. Until this book, I never realized that croquet is such a dull game. All-in-all, I found it to be an okay to good read that, at times is quite funny. There are also several unexpected moments of brilliance tucked away that surprised me and revitalized my flagging interest at opportune times. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the first book in the series. I can say with confidence that this novel, a wild fling with sting, will appeal to those fans who relish watching often peculiar characters striving for one-upmanship in a bizarre parody of life and undeath.

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