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Lone Pine Pride

Book 1: Jaguar's Kiss
Book 2: Taming the Lion

Lone Pine Pride Book 1
ISBN# 978-1-61922-024-9
10th June 2014
Samhain Publishing
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104 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lila has always been a good girl, following the life her parents laid out for her and never questioning her place in the pride. As the alpha pair's only daughter, her role was important. She was to marry the next alpha. It would keep strength in the pride and keep them all safe in the trouble that lay ahead. Then a date was set for her wedding.

Santiago is a panther in a pride of lions. While he is welcomed, he only stays for one reason and her father has just announced her marriage date. Now he either changes her mind or he leaves the pride.

Santiago knows the only way to win Lila is to make her see what she is doing is for all the wrong reasons. But challenging a lifetime of conditioning is not going to be easy. So with the help of a bottle or two, he starts by kissing her. If he cannot tempt her body, he will never tempt her mind.

This is an amazing new series, with lots of exciting possibilities leaving you bouncing in your seat wanting to ask what and when and who, the mark of a first class author. Santiago is complicated for a cat, but he works well with the confused lion he loves and I wish I could live in a house like theirs. 


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