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The Shadow Wranglers Series

Book 1: Caleb
Book 2: Jared
Book 3: Jace
Book 4: Slade

The Shadow Wranglers Series, Book 3
ISBN: 9780425240892/ 9781101505083/ 9781101514481
May 2011
Berkley Sensation, an imprint of Penguin Group Inc.
Paperback/ Adobe eBook/ ePub eBook
$15.00-USA/ $17.50-CAN/ $9.99
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Ages 18 and Up
Rating: 4 Cups

Miri Johnson never expected to see her mate again after he left, especially since she has been held captive by the Sanctuary for over a year. When he storms the compound and saves her from her hellish prison, her soul cries out for him while her mind wants nothing more than to find the baby they took from her.

Jace Johnson had never expected to find his soul mate and when she ended up being a wolf, it made their relationship turbulent to say the least. Now that he has found her, Jace wants to find their daughter and try to live as normal a life as possible considering their circumstances.

Even as Miri struggles with her biased judgment of vampires, Jace tries to show his mate that he is not the horrendous player and monster she perceives him to be. The clues that keep getting thrown at them as to the whereabouts of their daughter have been leading them nowhere, and both of them feel close to exploding if something does not happen soon. Their tension continues to rise as their passion for one another surfaces time and again, only to be pushed away, until finally Jace and Miri come together as the lovers they once were. Through the heat and seduction of the moment, Miri constantly reminds herself that her mate is a vampire and cannot be trusted. But they must learn to work together and Miri must learn to trust Jace if they want a fighting chance at finding their daughter…before it is too late.

I had the pleasure of reading the first novel in this series and I must say that this tale is much darker and more intense, but just as fantastic as the first book in the Shadow Wranglers Series. Ms. McCarty must have dug deep into herself to write this novel as there is so much heart, soul, anger, happiness, failure, and accomplishment placed throughout the pages. The bitterness and betrayal that Miri feels toward Jace for “abandoning” her seemed so realistic I could practically feel the whiplash each time she gave Jace a tongue-lashing about being a vampire. As the story progresses, the descriptive wording used to paint the picture of these two struggling mates searching for their place in one another’s lives make this novel seem so vivid that I could practically see each moment either one of these characters had a moment of clarity. There are parts of this tale that include plots from the previous two books that may make it a little harder to understand everything, but overall, you will find yourself engrossed in the lives of these enchanting characters. I know I did.

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