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ISBN: 9780758238962
August 2010
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

You’ve Got Male

Dina Charles was tired of doing stuff the way her family expected her to. There was a certain air of dignity they wanted her to be, and she was tired of acting like someone she did not want to be.

Dubois has studied to be a husband through special classes which include, but are not exclusive to taking care of his wife both sexually and emotionally. Now he is here to meet one Dina Charles, his future bride.

When Dina sees Dubois for the first time she feels a connection like she has never felt with any other man before. Deciding that the sex will wait, the two get to know each other through heavy petting and lots of talking. But like most things secrets will come out and soon Dina’s family will find out the truth of how Dubois came to be her husband. Will her stiff-necked father and jealous sister sabotage the best relationship she has ever had?

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Not only was the whole storyline unique, but the way both Dubois and Dina go about learning each other first before actually consummating the marriage was so fantastic. Add the miserable family members that Dina has to contend with and it levels out the story and gives it a nice even plot. Ms. Molare certainly knew how to grab my attention from the get go and not let go.

Fiending for It

Elena wants to spice up her marriage. She is tired of having an absentee husband at home and in the bedroom.

Chaz knows that his wife is unhappy with him, but she has to take some responsibility as well. They both have done things to make their marriage turn into one routine after another.

Deciding that she must take the bull by the horns, Elena states an ultimatum. They start having sex more often, or she finds a boyfriend. So begins how the married couple find themselves traveling all over the world in search of kink. What began as an exploration into the unknown sexual world turns into much more as they discover each other all over again.

I found this to be a good story. While some parts of the story were raunchier than I like, overall it was a sexy and steamy read. I thought the way Chaz and Elena discovered new ways to satisfy each other, as well as new lifestyles each other liked shows us that these two could actually be a real life couple struggling to add spice to their life. Ms. Molare gives us a nice solid tale with this story.

Becoming One

Topaz is a polygamist and she loves her lifestyle. She did not expect to be this way when she married her first husband.

Terrance was floored when Topaz brought another man into their home. But he eventually learned to accept it.

Erik is husband number two and he is the exact opposite of Terrance. Between the two of them, they thought they could satisfy Topaz with their yin and yang personalities.

Domino is the wild card and husband number three. He is very young and there is an edge of danger that surrounds him.

Topaz is satisfied with her three husbands. While there are moments of tension, alpha male tendencies, and unsatisfied partners, she feels overall they have a great lifestyle. Until she finds something in the garbage that rocks her world. Now she will have to decide if she wants to leave all three husbands behind or continue with her life the way it is.

I had a hard time with this tale. It has nothing to do with the multiple partners or even the subject of polygamy. For me it is the way Topaz seems to handle her husbands, in an almost forgettable way. On top of that, the problem that she finds in the garbage is never closed leaving me questioning why it would be in the tale in the first place. While the sex was hot, it just was not enough to cover for the other less than desirable parts of this story.

I Want It Now is a mix of excellent stories and not so great tales. I like how each female character is strong, showing exactly what she wants from her partner and expecting it. Ms. Molare uses different genres to write up this eclectic group of stories that include some majorly steamy sex scenes. Some of the characters are more memorable and likeable than others, leaving me wishing that the tales were in a different order. Having a fantastic tale followed by a nice tale and ending with a story that I found to be lacking may leave the reader with the impression that the book is not as great as it could be.

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