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ISBN # 978-0979748578
September 2009
Sheaf House
$ 12.99
231 Pages
Young Adult romance – Inspirational
Rating: 4 Cups

Susie’s life has changed very quickly. After being drunk at a party, she finds herself pregnant, but she soon finds God and decides to have the baby and let a wonderful couple adopt the baby. She is determine to do the right thing for her baby and soon finds she has a very rough road to travel.

Jeff is a friend of Susie’s and has offered to marry her so she can keep the baby. He wants to be with her regardless of the baby though. How can he make her see he loves her and has truly changed since bringing God into his life?

Susie has many issues she needs to confront and work thru. With the help of God she believes she can, only she does have doubts. Jeff is torn over Susie’s decision but will soon discover that it is not about him but what is right for the baby. What will become of this friendship? Is it built to last and become stronger or will the pressure become too much to bear?

It’s Not About Him is an emotionally charged read. Ms. Sutton takes a delicate subject with life altering decisions, infuses it with God and allows the reader to feel as deep as her characters do. A truly touching story about Life, loss, Love and deep rooted Faith, this is one book you should not miss out on. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Sutton’s work.

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