Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9780062273413
31 December 2013
Harper Perennial
Trade Paperback
280 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

A life of ultimate privilege is beginning to feel like Connie Craven’s own personal version of hell. The man she is married to is capable of giving her every possible comfort. If only he could give her happiness.

Making money in the capacity that Clifford Craven does is almost obscene, and he loves it. An accident that robbed him the use of his legs only serves to make him more determined to show just how powerful he still is.

The games Connie plays with Cliff are what any good wife will do for her husband, until he takes it a step too far. His icy coldness and utter contempt for anything messy makes her realize that living like this is slowly killing her. Something has to change, and meeting Mel makes her even more aware of how miserable she is. Mel is raw energy, earthy, and honest, but is Connie brave enough to give up everything just for a taste of what he has?

In Cliff’s eyes, money makes the man. Too bad his blindness is more debilitating than his paralysis. I love how this author puts the reader in the same position as Connie, making you question where your loyalties should lay. Rarely do I ever feel adultery is excusable, even in a relationship like Connie and Cliff’s, yet she is so starved for real emotions, it is no wonder she strays. Powerful highs and devastating lows make Connie’s character a brilliantly wounded heroine, and her story a fabulous read.

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