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ISBN#: Paperback-9781101180242/E-book-9781101185056
February 2010
Heat/New American Library/Penguin Group Inc.
277 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jude St. Laurent is a former spy of Shado, a division of Homeland Security. He has no memory of the work he did for Shado due to having his memory wiped. Because of what was done to him, he is now blind and suffering from short-term memory loss. He believes he was in a car accident.

Lilly Vale is still an agent with Shado and has orders to kill Jude because her boss believes Jude has files on weapons of mass destruction that cannot fall into the wrong hands. Lilly also believes that Jude killed her father.

When Lilly takes the job to off Jude, she has no problem with getting this particular job done. She applies and gets the job as Jude’s personal assistant. Spying on Jude becomes a pleasure when she realizes he has the same lusty appetite and open sex life she has. She easily and quickly becomes a voyeur and watches Jude having sex with one of his models. And it is not long before Lilly finds herself on the receiving end of Jude’s sexual talents. Too bad she has to kill him, or does she? As Lilly works with and gets to know Jude and his Chef and best friend Liam, doubts begin to cloud her mind. Is Jude really the traitor her boss believes he is, or is there something else going on here? Lilly is resolved to murder Jude even with her conflicting feelings, even going so far as to give him the first round of poison, which makes him very ill. While she continues her open sexual relationship with both Jude and Liam, and others, she tries to find the real answers. During this time she begins to fall hard for Jude, and he for her, but it is when Liam who she has become very fond of, is attacked and harmed as a warning for her to get on with it, that Lilly decides all bets are off. Will she be able to save Jude from a madman who will do anything to cover his own traitorous tracks? And even if she does, will he and Liam forgive her for her own treachery?

I Spy a Wicked Sin definitely has plenty of action, and not just of the spy variety, but the sexual variety as well. I enjoyed Jude as the wounded hero, and Liam as his best friend and side kick. Lilly as the woman who will do anything to avenge her father is very believable. I found it interesting to read about a woman who was an assassin and who normally could keep her emotions under tight control, suddenly finding herself falling in love. While the sexual variety is more than hot, I could have done without the sex with random strangers that each of the characters was involved in, even the ones who were supposedly in love or falling in love with each other. While I could understand there being sex between those who had love and affection for each other, even if it was just of the friendship variety, for them to then turn around and have sex with total strangers just did not jive for me as a reader. In my opinion, these actions took away from the storyline and is the reason this book did not get a higher rating. Still the sex, when it is between those that care for one another, is full of emotion and that was one of my favorite parts of the book, particularly the scene with Jude, Lilly and Liam after he is attacked. If you can handle the swinging and you enjoy espionage stories, then this is a book you want to read.

Warning: There is a lot of partner swapping in this book, so if swinging offends you, you may want to steer clear.

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