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ISBN#: 9780061808265
July 27, 2010
Avon Red
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

With the first eighteen years of his life spent in the worst foster care imaginable, Sam Reston could have easily become one of the lowlife scum he now impersonates. Instead, he became a Navy SEAL and now runs one of the most successful security companies in San Diego.

This last year has been the hardest and most agonizing time of Nicole Pearce’s life, but nothing and no one is as important as being with her father during his last few months. Her small up and coming translation company helps pay the bills, and it is the only break she allows herself from her father’s side.

Sam got his first glimpse of Nicole after coming in off the streets looking like a thug, and seeing the fear and distrust in her eyes nearly makes his heart stop -- a heart he had thought long dead. Nicole noticed Sam on more than one occasion, he is huge and dangerous looking, how could she not? But it is not until she repays him for a favor by going out to dinner that she really sees him for the first time, and what she finds beneath the rough exterior ignites her soul. They barely come up for air before an unknown terrorist three thousand miles away marks Nicole and her company, Wordsmith, as a threat to his plans. With the threat to Nicole, Sam goes from lover to lethal in a heartbeat, but it is his heart that will get them all killed if he cannot tamp down his emotions and reach her before the contracted killer does.

Finally an author comes along who can blend pulsating passion alongside nerve-wracking action so intense they will have you shivering in response. Sam’s character may look the part of big, bad and dangerous, but his actions belay every attempt to look cold and unshakable. Nicole, on the other hand, is femininity personified, almost to the extreme. Their chemistry is all consuming, and their fear nearly crippling, leaving the reader breathlessly anticipating each and every page.

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