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May 10, 2009
Hearts On Fire Books
268 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Susan Appleton had a good job of setting up negotiations for potential buyers, making her boss look good. She was promised a nice bonus afterwards only to receive her walking papers.

Tom Cole is the local handyman in the area. After his wife and son die in a house fire, he decides to rebuild the home from scratch. He finds comfort when he meets Susan.

After her place of business downsizes, Susan is given a pink slip. She has no idea what she and her son, Chris will do. Eighteen months ago, she lost her husband in a terrible car accident. It has taken her this long to get on her feet. Telling her mother is not something she will enjoy. She always has her good friend, Patsy, and really great neighbor, Grace, she can turn to. When Grace has a slight accident, she is introduced to Tom, who is like a Godsend to Susan. After Susan hears about her husbands past, through Patsy, she is devastated. Tom and Susan soon turn to each other for support. Can the two get over the losses in their life to make a new start together?

In the Hands of Grace is a moving story that kept me interested throughout. I could share in Susan’s worry whether or not to tell her mother her situation. The intruding mother can often make the daughter uncomfortable. I felt as if I was in her shoes many times, relating to her circumstances. As for Tom, who can not help but love a man with a golden retriever named Lucy? Dianne Greco spins a delightful read that carried this reader into the lives of many characters that tell a story of love, friendship, and sharing faith to make one stronger. It was refreshing, almost like going home.

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