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Love Beyond All Dimensions Series
Book 1: Magnificent King
Book 2: Spirit Twins
Book 3: Steamblast from the Past
Book 4: In the Beginning
Book 5: Queen MaryMary

Love Beyond All Dimensions, Book 4
ISBN: 1610349364
October 2011
Siren Publishing
126 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 4 Cups

Margal knows she is different. As a healer, her word should be law but there are those who oppose what she has to say.

Jailan is her true mate but many obstacles stand in the way of their happiness. The most major being that when Jailan’s father and Margal’s mother unite, it makes them hearth mates and they are not allowed to be sexually involved.

Eirkr is Margal’s other mate. He keeps her sexually satisfied even as her heart cries out for the man who is not available to her.

Margal, Eirkr, and Jailan start on a journey that contains passion, danger, and a change that will rock the foundation of their people’s beliefs. Can Margal get her fellow villagers to see that she has special needs that can only be met with not one, but two mates? Will the taboo of having a hearth mate being her one true mate be breached? But most importantly, will Margal finally get the respect and understanding that is needed in order for her to become the great healer she is destined to become?

In the Beginning has a very strong plotline with solid characters and vividly decadent scenes. Ms. Water takes the reader along on Margal, Eirkr, and Jailan’s journey as their paths cross time and again to shape their futures. I did find that some of the sexually explicit details were written in a way that came across as silly instead of sensual. However, that one issue did not deter me from enjoying this tantalizing tale that not only encompasses the erotica genre but includes important subject matters such as prejudicial thoughts in Margal’s community. A highly hedonistic read with wonderfully strong characters and scenarios, this book will give you the entertainment you crave.

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