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ISBN# 9781621351825
12 July 2013
Astraea Press
284 Pages
YA Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Mandy has always been the most popular girl in school. Not only is she the prettiest. She is also the sportiest. Nobody knows it is really her magic that makes the person everyone sees. When her magic is stolen from her, the real Mandy is not so popular.

Brianna has never been as popular as her twin, but then she never masters using magic either. Still, Brianna is happy with her little group of weird friends, even if nobody else seems to like them.

Mandy's popularity and magic has come between the girls. When someone tricks Brianna into stealing Mandy's magic, then tries to take it from Brianna, the girls realize that working together and sharing their power is the best way to save each other.

Shadows of Magic is an exciting tale of magic, trust and betrayal. The characters are well developed and their relationship is strong. I especially like the "be true to yourself" lesson threaded throughout the story. However, popular girls are all represented as shallow, selfish creatures whose lives are little more than a lie. Popularity itself is regarded as being bad. The only way to be happy and have real friends is to not be popular.

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