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ISBN:(13) 9781611090222, (10) 1611090229
November 8, 2011
Amazon Crossing
Trade Paperback
300 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Her career is going good, and she has plenty of friends if she needs them, but Christine cannot say the same about the man in her life. Loving Richard is not easy, and often painful, and yet she cannot seem to stop.

Christine’s sister, Ines, and a few of her coworkers decide Christine’s life needs a little shaking up. Ines knows the awful truth of Christine’s divorce, and how her best friend betrayed her, so this little party could easily go two completely different ways.

With Christine’s forty-fourth birthday on the horizon, her sister and friends start planning a surprise party for her, but the guest list will be the biggest surprise of all. Christine gave up the idea of a “best” friend a long time ago, especially when hers was sleeping with her now ex-husband. In truth, all of her relationships need a little work, and it is a good thing she has some very savvy women looking out for her.

Do we really grow out of the need for a best friend, or do our lives often get complicated to the point where we do not put the time or effort into keeping friendships alive? I feel somewhat like Christine in that regard, and do not feel the need for a “best” friend to dump all of my feelings on. Christine’s love life is a whole other mess, and I for one, think she should be smarter after what she went through. The women portrayed in this story are so indicative of how women behave toward each other, and how our actions affect those around us.

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