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The Georgian Rakehells Series
Book 1: A Gentleman’s Wager
Book 2: Indiscretions
Book 3: Phantasmagoria
Book 4: Three Times The Scandal

Book 2 in the Georgian Rakehells Series
ISBN: 9780983374749
April 2011
Ai Press
47 Pages
Erotica; Historical Erotica; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 3 Cups

Bella wants to spend some quality time with her lover, Lucerne.

Vaughan feels he should be getting the time with his sexy lover since Lucerne was his lover before the beautiful woman who makes up their trio.

Lucerne is tired of being stuck in the middle and decides the only way they can come to an agreement is by him not being in the picture for a night.

Bella has never denied that she wants Vaughan as much as Lucerne. But her gentle lover holds her heart, while Vaughan gives her the pain and domination her body craves. When Lucerne leaves for the night, Bella and Vaughan explore a world of passion, domination, and pleasure mixed with pain. Will their night of desire help them come to an agreement on how to share their love for Lucerne?

I found Indiscretions to be an enticing read that must be a hot commodity in the literary world of erotica. However, the stupendous sex can only sustain a reader for so long before the plot takes over. With Ms. Ellis’ written words spinning a tale of three lovers, I found that I could enjoy the different assets that each character had. At the same time, I wished I could better understand the true dynamic of the three characters and what roles they carry out in each others’ daily lives. I feel that if one wants to truly understand Bella, Vaughan, and Lucerne better, it would be best to start at the beginning with the first novel these characters star in.

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