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ISBN: (13)9780758234636/ (10)0758234635
June 2009
Brava, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Anne Copper has the stain of being a bastard to contend with as she lives under her sire’s roof with his legitimate wife and daughter. While she toils the days away serving her father’s wife and daughter, they continue to abuse her verbally, mentally, and physically.

Brodick McJames is an earl who needs to secure his clan’s future in Scotland. To do so, he must marry an Englishman’s daughter, Mary Stanford. Having heard all about the court system and how loose the women are there, Brodick has determined that he will go to the Earl of Warwickshire’s home and fetch his bride himself.

Mary’s mother has a plan -- she will send Anne in her stead until a baby is to be born and then switch places. According to her mother, men are not very smart when it comes to what a woman looks like. With their evil plan in place, Anne leaves her childhood home and journeys to Scotland with Brodick, knowing that their plan can only cause heartache and doom. Trying to stave off her pretend husband’s hands does not work very well, and soon Anne has fallen under the spell of his beautiful body and face, only to hear him whisper her sister’s name in the heat of passion. With her body quickening with child, Anne struggles to survive even as Mary and her mother plan to steal the baby and silence Anne forever.

In Bed with a Stranger is a beautiful and emotional journey that takes the reader from historical England to the lush lands of Scotland. Ms. Wine has written an exquisite novel with a Cinderella storyline that will have you rooting for Anne the whole time. Her willingness to win Brodick’s people over was amazing, especially considering it was her actions and not the force of her husband that did so. How Brodick shows himself not only to be a rough warrior but a gentle soul was superbly done, making me fall for this handsome Scotsman myself. With steamy and naughty sex scenes, strong characters with the will to survive, and evil and diabolical women, this book has the makings of a sensational fairytale!

Caution: This tale contains hot and steamy sex scenes, sexually explicit language, a spanking scene, and red-hot romance!

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