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ISBN#: 1-60601-959-7
September 2010
Siren Publishing
162 Pages
Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Science Fiction, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 5 Cups

Sophie Gibson really knows how to pick them when it comes to boyfriends. Choosing Mark, who also happened to be her boss, was a huge mistake, especially since he is in cahoots with an alien drug dealer and is a murderer to boot.

Desah Ssyn is one of the Ke Mira, an alien species that can pass for human. Desah is an alien assassin and has been given leave to kill the alien drug dealer working with Sophie’s ex-boyfriend.

Nevada Cisco is a federal marshal and has been assigned to partner with Desah. He is not too happy about this fact until he gets his first look at the beautiful Desah.

When Nevada gets his first look at the beautiful Desah, he changes his mind about the aggravation of being the one assigned to work with the alien. However, it becomes very clear very quickly that Desah has a completely different world outlook than his, and that in order to work together, communication is going to be key. Their main task is to get the witness, Sophie, to safety since someone leaked her name to the media as being the witness. Unfortunately, no one from Nevada’s office called to let her know, so she is a little surprised when Nevada shows up on her front door step to take her into protective custody. Nevada feels as though he has won the lottery when he gets his first look at Sophie. Since he swings both ways, he has no trouble imagining having both the beautiful alien and the beautiful woman. They might have been able to take things a bit slower and get to know each other, but then Desah goes into his Chara or mating phase and all bets are off. If Desah does not have sex and lots of it, he is going to be useless to both Nevada and Sophie. Factor in a leak in Nevada’s office, the bad guys getting out of jail, and you can only imagine the chaos. Then as if all this is not enough, the three begin to fall in love. Will they all be able to get out alive to enjoy that love, or will the bad guys win?

Whew!! This has to be one of the best sci-fi erotic romances I have had the pleasure to read this year. Seriously, folks you do not want to miss this one, and I mean that. It has everything, romance, sex hot enough to singe your eyebrows, and let us not forget the gorgeous alien who has some shall we say interesting biology that makes for some very hot love scenes. The world building is very well done; I loved the descriptions of Desah’s home world. Ms. Starr is a writer par excellence, and I will most definitely be looking for all of her books so I can get up to date with her back list. I am more than happy to recommend In Alien Arms and Ms. Starr!

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