Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-55487-992-2
November 2011
Extasy Books
43 Pages
Fantasy, Humor, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Her imagination seems to have fled, and Rose Gruner, desperate to get it back, calls forth a muse, even knowing they do not really exist.

Being called out to the home of a beautiful woman is never a hardship for Mr. Muse, and he knows just the trick to get her on the right track.

When Rose opens her door, she gets way more than a pizza delivery. The man who calls himself Mr. Muse has all kinds of ideas to help Rose with her story, but does she have the guts to try them? It scares Rose at how easily she slips into the role of her erotic characters, and she tries one more time to tame down the sordid and go for the sweet. Mr. Muse however does not take his duty lightly, and he sets out to show Rose just where her talent truly lies.

This is a comical depiction of an author’s valiant attempt to jump-start her imagination, and taken in that context, it is a humorous read. Rose endeavors to re-invent a classic, and it is amusing to see her try to put a new spin on Guinevere, Arthur, and Lancelot’s story. Mr. Muse is your typical single-minded male, and his “help” sometimes has a lot to be desired. The characters are a little flaky but plenty of fun for an afternoon of entertainment.

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