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ISBN #: 9781615720958
May 2010
Eternal Press
Price: $4.50
# of Pages: Unavailable
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 3 Cups

Harriet is the eldest daughter of a lord in slightly straightened circumstances. She had a season but did not take as she is taller and thinner than fashion dictates and of course red hair is never fashionable. She only had one offer, but she refused Mr. Duckworth and is now on the shelf.

Gerard is an earl albeit an impoverished one. He has a wealthy uncle but has no expectations of inheriting. He is tall and handsome and well muscled from working with his men on his farm.

Harriet’s mother insists on a trip to see a wealthy but ill relative in the country. Cousin Harrison is not at all happy to see them and they stay with his nephew Gerard as a result. During the night Harrison is murdered. Harriet saw Gerard riding off in the night but does not believe he could murder his uncle. She confronts him and ends up being embroiled in the investigation and sees this as an opportunity to experience something she never will in her future as a spinster.

Harriet is my favorite kind of Regency heroine. She is on the shelf, unconventional in looks, and has commonsense and courage. Gerard is harder to figure out at first, which makes things even more fun, with the added complication of her beautiful and spoiled sister. The plot is fast moving and full of suspense and Gerard’s inconspicuous courtship of Harriet is subtle but the reader can see that he is too intelligent to be taken in by Leonora and her plans. The murder mystery is almost an afterthought and the murderer pops up out of nowhere with no real clues to point us to him. Fans of Regency romances will enjoy this one.

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