Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN # 9781595788634
December 2011
Liquid Silver Books
171 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Raven is a beautiful, rational woman of science, but she sees things no one else does.

Nevar is a Storm God. Gods do not mix with or influence humans, but Raven is different. He is powerful, but bodiless and very protective of Raven to his consternation.

At the age of twelve, Raven was saved from certain death by a storm and a huge tiger that jumped out of the clouds. No one believed her, of course, but she knew what she saw was real. Now an adult, Nevar the Storm God and Storm Cat join forces to save her from a powerful evil that wishes her harm.

This story is creative and interesting, but can be a bit confusing at times. A bodiless love interest is sometimes a bit too hard to imagine. As the story goes on, things resolve themselves and the exciting and action filled plotline make things much more interesting. Raven, Nevar, and Storm Cat are all vivid personalities and the author does a great job of bringing them to life. The story is a bit confusing at the beginning but definitely worth pursuing to the end.

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