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ISBN- 9781615810246/9781615810239
August 3, 2009
Dreamspinner Press
E-book/ Paperback
234 pages
$6.99/ $14.99
Gay Erotica/ BDSM
Rating: 4 cups

Scott Gregory, D.D.S., stopped in a club on his way home to San Francisco. The club is known for its BDSM scene. With one look, he knew the guy behind the bar was the guy he wanted. The thirty-minute wait for the bartender known as Red to get off work was well worth his wait.

Robin Kennedy –aka Red- worked as a bartender in order to pay for his schooling. With what he has been able to put aside, he can just barely afford to move to San Francisco to begin his new job with Doctor Morris as a dental hygienist.

Both men are into the kinky side of sex. Scott is a closeted submissive and Robin is a trained dom. The one night they spent having a great sex in Scott’s car was a one time thing… or so they thought. When Robin shows up to work as the dental hygienist in Scott’s office, can you imagine their surprise? Now they are trying to work together while fighting their attraction and it is hard, but necessary. Doctor Morris is a Promise Keeper, a group of religious men devoted to upholding what they consider to be moral and right. They could both be out of a job if he discovered that they were not only gay, but into some pretty deviant behavior.

I enjoyed this book in many ways. The humor the author uses to begin this book had me laughing out loud. Just the idea of Robin showing up to work in the same dental practice as Scott had me trying to picture their faces all lit up with surprise. The sex these two men share is hardcore, but in a very loving, giving way. I have never thought of BDSM in those terms, but Ms. Ashling really brings to light the fact that this indeed is what it is when shared between two people who honestly love each other. Scott and Robin are two young men who share a bizarre taste for some intense things, and it works.

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