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ISBN-13: 978-0-8217-8064-0, 10: 0-8217-8064-6
October 2009
Zebra Books, Kensington Publishing Corporation
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Spending one evening in the Underwood Art Gallery changes Karinna Adam’s life beyond all recognition. She stands there for an inordinate amount of time gazing upon a painting by the artist Vilnius, and for the first time in her life fears that she is completely losing her mind.

It has taken nearly three centuries for Jason Rourke to move about in his painted prison, and it is only his powers as a vampire that have allowed him that, but his desire for revenge burns hotter with every breath. He was condemned here by a magician for defiling his daughter, Ana Luisa, and the years have passed in a haze of pain and hunger unlike anything he could have imagined.

There is something so completely eerie and compelling about the painting of the man in the moonlit woods, that Kari comes back time and again to study it. She can hardly believe her eyes, but the man moves to a different location every time she looks at it, and the pain in his eyes is palpable. Jason calls to her relentlessly to help him, and when his wishes are answered, it spells trouble for both of them. Kari has released a vampire into her world, but more terrifyingly, into her heart, and her once lonely dull life takes a dark turn she is not at all comfortable with.

I have the greatest respect for women who compromise nothing in their faith to find true love and happiness, but I do not feel that Kari is this type of woman. Throughout this story she is continuously reeling Jason in, and then stopping him cold with her fears and misgivings. I found her waffling between desire for Jason but disgust of his vampirism to be immature and unappealing. However I really like Jason with his open and honest attitude towards his own shortcomings, and would love to see him with a heroine worthy of his attentions.

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