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Immortal Paradise Series

Prequel- Their Secret Paradise
Book One- Suite Seduction
Book Two- Tropical Heat
Book Three- Seduced By An Angel
Book Four- Immortal Menage


Immortal Paradise 4
ISBN#: 1610341058
February 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc. Imprint: PolyAmour
194 Pages
Erotic Romance; Fantasy; Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Lexie Porter cannot believe she has practically dropped everything to fly to the Bahamas. While it is for a man she craves with her whole being, it also happens to be a man she has only seen in her dreams.

Grayel is a god who knows that his mate is Lexie. But his family is in an uproar, furious that he has picked a mere mortal as his mate when there are more prime subjects around him.

Love is a demigod who personifies the emotion.

Lust is the perfect compliment to the demigod Love. When Grayel asks the two to help him turn Lexie from the mortal she is to the goddess she will become, they have no problem saying yes.

As Lexie takes in the tropical paradise surrounding her, she realizes that the man she has come to know intimately in her dreams is nowhere to be found. When Love and Lust come forth and explain the situation to her, Lexie has to make a decision about what she wants to do. The choice may be taken out of her hands though when someone plots to stop Grayel from going to Lexie. Can Grayel and Lexie finally come together in their reality or are they destined to meet only in their dreams?

Ms. Allister gives us a sensual tale that includes characters who make our own fantasies come to life. I thought the way Lust comes across as a playboy really described what he would be like. Then as the story continues and one of the obstacles was thrown up, we see him as someone who may delight in sex but who is not the irresponsible demigod we first thought he was. I wish we could have seen more of Grayel and Lexie together as I feel it would have given us more of a chance to really feel the link they had with each other. Overall, Immortal Ménage is a sexy read that will have you aching for a couple of demigods of your own.

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