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Embrace Series
Book 1: Immortal Embrace
Book 2: Forbidden Embrace
Book 3: Mystic Embrace
Book 4: The Book of Shadows

Embrace Series, Book 1
ISBN# 9781937085513 / 9781937085476
July 1, 2011
World Castle Publishing
Print / E Book
$ 12.99 / $ 5.99
146 pages
Juvenile Fiction / Paranormal / Love and Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Sophia Pierce has been a vampire for a very long time. Accepting of her life and her role in her vampire family, she is happy to be back in the familiar town of Wenham. But when she meets the intriguing and tempting Nathanial McCord, she is drawn to him in a way that is completely unfamiliar. Could there be something more for her...maybe even love?

Nathanial has a loving family and is secure in his goals. Upon meeting Sophia, he realizes she is the one he has been waiting for. When he survives a brutal attack and his daytime memories don’t match up with his dreams, he begins to suspect there is more going on than he knows. Are there secrets about Sophia and her family?

Together they begin a whirlwind romance that seems to be the stuff of soul mates. With Caspian, Sophia’s long-lost brother, flitting at the edges of the story, as well as a cult of bad vampires, they face many challenges to their budding love. Throw in a cast of witches and a small town that has many secrets and you have Immortal Embrace.

This book seemed familiar, even if the roles of vampire and human were reversed, to another book I read a while ago. Similar, as well, to that other story, was the obsessive love and almost droning whine of the main characters’ narrative. Unlike that other story, this one did not draw you in with beautiful and almost lyrical prose, instead offering up choppy storytelling as well as confusing head-hopping. This reader found this story hard to follow and didn’t leave feeling attached enough to the main characters to want to make the effort.

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