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ISBN# 9780976180487
April 2013
Disenchanted Publishing (formerly Moonlight Publishing)
352 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Skylar Blackwell's life is going from bad to worse. Her uncle and only living relative has just died under mysterious circumstances in California. From New York, she cannot get the local authorities interested in launching an investigation. Still, inheriting her uncle's estate is lucky for her because she has just lost her job as a fashion photographer.

Late-night visitations from something or someone determined to scare the daylights out of her is not helping. Keen fashion sense and a Glock do not make up for that kind of problem, so Skylar goes to California to speak with the local authorities and arrange to sell the house.

It takes less than a day for things to go horribly wrong, as she wrecks her car and encounters the first of the numerous unwelcoming denizens of Summerwind, her late uncle's estate. As Skylar gets more involved with the mysterious and gorgeous Dorian and the rest of the staff, she learns her uncle may have uncovered a secret worth as much as his life, if not Skylar's, too.

Immortal Eclipse has a lot of tangled threads and great atmosphere oozing with a lively mix of perfectly believable and off-the-wall characters. The romance sizzles between her and Dorian, and cousin Victor comes off as gallant and villainous. Skylar alternates between the kick-ass heroine she would like to be and a hapless damsel in distress with bewildering irregularity. Some of the plot twists come off as slightly contrived. Overall, though, this is a satisfying, light read with some solid chills of the spooky kind that is perfect for a night of staying in and sipping cocoa.

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