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ISBN#: (13)9781607772973
August 27, 2009
Ravenous Romance
177 pages
Erotic Romance- F/F
Rating: 4 cups


Lea and Keegan are looking for a way to spice up their sex life. Keegan suggests adding another woman.

Bridey, a woman Keegan works with, joins the couple for an evening of dinner and fun. None of the people involved are prepared for what happens next.

What a way to kick off this book! This one is sure to get your blood humming.

Two’s Company

As far back as their college years, Trish has had a desire for her friend, Jo. Trish has desired woman, but Jo has always dated men.

One night, Jo shows up for the evening ritual of watching Friends. In the heat of the moment, things occur that will change the course of this friendship forever.

This is a sexy story. The women and their tentativeness toward each other shows how much their friendship matters.


Jeanette is in France with Daryl, who is a wine snob. Jeanette is not really interested in what Daryl is teaching her.

Staying with the prestigious Roux-Duboises, Jeanette will find the wine-making lesson she receives from Marie-Elise to be more interesting than the ones Daryl has tried to give.

This story hits all of the senses. I do not know if I will ever look at a glass of champagne the same way again.

Get Thee to the Nunnery

One roommate returns home after a bad date and some very dissatisfying sex. A little complaining and the roommate crawls into her own bed to satisfy her own needs.

Regina climbs into her roommate’s bed where she begins to regale her with a story about going to school in a convent and the interesting things that happened there.

This is a sexy and seductive tale. This author definitely turns up the heat.

Lady’s Maid

Cassandra’s husband, Justin, is away at war. Having only been married three days before he left, Cassandra is lonely and aching.

Moira is Cassandra’s maid. She educated in the ways to ease the ache of being separated from one’s partner. She is going to teach Cassandra a few things.

This one is certainly a page-turner. This offers an eye opening look at history.

The Tiger’s Tale

A Scottish girl, Elspeth moved to Edinburgh to live with her aunts in order to find a proper husband. Clive Godfrey married Elspeth and took her away to India.

After being away on business, Clive returns home to find his wife, Elspeth, being seduced by her maid, Vijaya. He banishes Vijaya, but Elspeth slips away to find her.

With a touch of mysticism and Hindu belief, this story touches each sense in a very elaborate way. This is a very seductive tale.

Passions, Like Storms

Heather was raised by her minister father to be a “good girl”. Being away at college has Heather desiring things that would disappoint her parents.

Amber and her boyfriend, Jason, are in the library one night during a storm. Inviting Heather back to their house to wait out the weather, Heather gets to taste the forbidden fruits.

There is such sensuality within the pages of this story. This author can cause your heart to race with her writing style.

When I Taste Like A Waste I Breathe

A divorcee is on the office building rooftop in an attempt to escape the drudgery below. A fantasy about a surfer has the woman touching herself in the semi-public place.

A co-worker arrives on the scene and the rooftop. A little flirtation and the rooftop proves to be a place where fantasies come true.

This is a fun story. Fantasizing in the work place may not be the best idea, but it is an interesting thought.

My New Roommate

Ruby’s dorm mate has moved out. Cami moves in. Ruby believes Cami is a studious person.

After a fire alarm is pulled, both girls notice the attraction. A couple of nights later, a study session –sans books- has the girls discovering all sorts of things about one another.

The sexy “getting to know your roommate” session makes me wonder what I missed by not going to college. This story certainly makes the reader look at college life a little differently.

The End of the World

Katherine loves her horse back riding. She loves the adrenaline rush she receives as her horse goes through it paces.

Katherine has been watching her classmate, Dora. Dora’s fall off her horse one afternoon opens the door for Katherine to touch Dora. One thing leads to another, as it often does.

This is a thrilling tale with a satisfying ending. There is such a rush as these two women explore a new side of themselves.

Show Me Yours

One evening, Liz accidentally snoops in her roommate’s drawer. Handling Celeste’s sex toy, Liz is caught red handed when Celeste returns.

Celeste insists on seeing Liz’s own sex toy in action. A little reluctant, Liz does show her exactly how it works.

I love the title. I was not sure exactly where it was going to go, but it is a great story.

Defining Lines

Ava likes to keep her beautiful skin bronzed. A sports injury has Ava needing a little assistance with her bronzer. Local tanning salon owner, Ginger, is willing to oblige.

Getting to know each other, Ginger and Ava are treading lightly around each other. One day, out of the blue, Ginger gives Ava a little more than she bargained for.

This is a very sexy fantasy, more original than most. These two women are so strong and sensual.

This anthology is incredible. Every story is unique and special. Yes, there are a couple which take place in college dorms, but even they are different. There are stories which take you back in history and give you an original look at how women got by when their husbands were away. There is something very seductive about two women exploring each other. I highly recommend adding this book to your erotic collection.

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