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6 July 2012
Whispers Publishing
306 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Zelda Dragos, a psychic, thinks finding Montezuma‘s lost treasure will be easy money. To get clues, she has to “borrow” an amulet. Finding the treasure is not so easy, however, because she has to deal with the annoyance of Derek, a pissed off Apache Thunder god, a demon king, not to mention her family—all with their own designs for her. If she gives in and accepts, though, Derek can help.

Derek Sloan, a “tomb raider” type, has questionable motives and a love for loud Hawaiian shirts. Zelda is not his normal type, but there is something about her that makes him decide she is his, along with the treasure. So he will do what he needs to, even deal with her over a stun gun, her penchant for escaping from him and the things after her.

Following the trail to the gold will take them through at least three states, which involves more than just figuring out clues. They will have to avoid a virgin sacrifice, really angry spirits and demons and interferences from her family. Working together would get them both their goals, with his brawn and sources for information, and her “woo-woo” abilities to find the gold and to avoid psychic obstacles in the way.

This is a really funny and entertaining read. Fast paced, some events seem to happen quickly, while others are over-the-top and cheesy. Still, Ms. Koger makes them fit to create a great story. There is a good mix of silly, sarcasm, tension and interactions between Derek and Zelda, not to mention a touch of seriousness to balance the story. Zelda, Derek and parts of the Dragos clan are likable characters that I would not mind reading more about.

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