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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
Book 1: Club Shadowlands
Book 2: Dark Citadel
Book 3: Breaking Free
Book 4: Lean on Me
Book 5: Make Me, Sir
Book 6: To Command and Collar
Book 7: This is Who I Am
Book 8: If Only

Masters of the Shadowlands Book 8
ISBN: 9781623003975
November 5, 2013
Loose ID LLC
468 Pages
BDSM; Ménage
Rating: 5 Cups

Sally Hart has returned to Club Shadowlands as a submissive trainee. Her real goal is to find a Dom of her own.

Vance and Galen missed Sally while she was gone from the club for a month. Now that she is back, they are ready to play.

Sally is terrified of being with Vance and Galen. Not because they will hurt her, but because they bring out emotions that she has kept buried for so long. They are determined to push her into letting all of her emotions out, knowing it is the only way she will finally be the submissive she wants and needs to be. Even as Sally immerses herself deeper into the role as their submissive, her job as a computer specialist has her taking risks that could not only compromise her new relationship with the two Doms, but can get her killed.

If Only is an intense ride that will pull you to the very brink of a cliff, leave you teetering on the edge, and then have you tumbling down into an abyss full of passion and danger. Ms. Sinclair has written a story that contains alpha males not afraid to show their dominance or their softer side, submissive women who also have a backbone of pure steel, and a plot full of heart and powerful scenarios. The way Vance and Galen guide Sally toward the emotional balance she needs and craves was beautifully told. It left me feeling as if I was personally involved in seeing the emotional upheaval and balance that was created between the pages of this book. I loved this tale and plan on reading it again and again until every word is imprinted on my brain.

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