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ISBN: 978-0-345-50881-2
May 19, 2009
Del Rey, an Imprint of The Random House Publishing Group 
Trade Paperback
372 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Working aboard the Nimbus can be a dangerous and deadly job for anyone, but for Sorykah Minuit it is doubly so. Not only is she the sole woman aboard, but she is a Trader, a unique phenomena allowing her the ability to change from woman to man and labeling her a rare prize for any treasure hunter.

Time shifts and disappears for Soryk, without him ever knowing how or why he ends up in the places he does. Stranger yet is the unmistakable feeling that he is missing some crucial piece of information just beyond his reach.

With her furlough finally here, Sorykah dreams of being with her babies after nearly a month at sea, but when she arrives at the train station to meet them and their nanny, she fears something has gone terribly awry. A sense of terror shakes Sorykah to her core when she learns of her children’s abduction, and she will stop at nothing to bring them safely home. The Collector has procured his latest treasure, and only time will tell if the infant twins will turn out like their mother. Soryk and Sorykah alternate conscientiousness along their journey through the most unforgiving terrain on the planet, struggling to maintain a grip on their sanity while desperately seeking clues to the twins’ whereabouts.

Ice Song is an ensemble of amazing characters living in some of the harshest conditions known to man. The array of animal-like humans is limitless, and their characteristics so well depicted that they seem believable and real. However, I found Soryk/ah’s journey was at times fraught with indecision and hesitancy that is hard to imagine in someone trying to save their children. This author has an amazing wealth of imagination, enlivening a host of beings so bizarre and yet so absolutely attuned to all human emotion.

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