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The New York Blades Series

Book 1: Body Check
Book 2: Fair Play
Book 3: Total Rush
Book 4: The Penalty Box
Book 5: Hot Ticket
Book 6: Chasing Stanley
Book 7: Just a Taste
Book 8: Power Play
Book 9: Double the Heat
Book 10: Icebreaker
Book 11: Breakaway

Wild Hart Saga

Book 1: Double the Pleasure
Book 2: With a Twist
Book 3: Straight Up
Book 4: Icebreaker

Book 10 in the New York Blades Series & Book 4 in Wild Hart Saga
ISBN: 9780425239797-Print/ 9781101468739-Adobe eBook/ 9781101477076-ePub eBook
February 2011
The Berkley Publishing Group, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Print/ eBook
$7.99-Print/ $6.99-eBook
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sinead O’Brien has always believed herself to be a calm, cool attorney who did not let her private life affect her business life. Then she met the sexy new athlete for the New York Blades, Adam Perry.

Adam did not always leave people with the impression that he was an unemotional jock. But a tragic accident left him feeling guilty and an emotional wreck, which in turn made him realize that in order to salvage himself he must block off his emotions.

When a ridiculous allegation of rough-housing during a game leaves Adam being sued by the supposed victim, the New York Blades turn to Sinead to get the case dismissed. When she first meets him, Sinead mistakenly assumes that Adam may be a little bit of a blockhead. Once she really gets to know the studly superstar, she realizes it is an act to keep people away and begins to fall for him. Then a disagreement from Sinead’s past rears its ugly head, and both Adam and Sinead find they may be unable to compromise, which may lead to neither getting the happy ever after they were looking for.

When I pick up a Deirdre Martin novel, I know it will be an automatic read for me. She has a way of mixing sensational storylines with emotional barriers that make her novels an instant hit. Icebreaker is just as fantastic as her other works. To top it off, she has mixed her New York Blades Series with her Wild Hart Saga, giving this story extra points for all of the characters we know and love from her other novels. Between the spicy sex scenes, temperamental-foreplayish arguments between Sinead and Adam, cloak-and-dagger dating, a friend in need of rehabilitation, and some zesty romance, you cannot help but fall in love once again with Ms. Martin’s talented penmanship.

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