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ISBN: 9780345517197 / 9780345517210 / 9780307577610 / 9780307577627
November 2009
Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
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$22.00 Hardcover & eBook / $30.00 Audio Disc / $14.00 Audiobook Download
208 Pages Hardcover / 224 Pages eBook
Adult Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

As a young girl whose father was mayor of their small town, Lorelei “Lolly” Helton battles shyness using hostility as her shield. Unfortunately, she pushes everyone away, including the teenage boy she has a huge crush on.

Gabriel McQueen is the sheriff's son and is not sure why Lolly continues to be nasty. So in true teenage wisdom, he began teasing her back by calling her Lollipop and making some pretty obscene comments about her nickname.

Fifteen years have passed since Gabriel and Lolly were at the awkward teenage stage. She is back to pack up the house and get ready to put it on the market. When a huge ice storm invades their small town in Maine, Gabe drives up to her house to make sure she is getting along fine only to find her in a tense situation. Now they are on the run for their lives, and if the drugged out killers do not get them, Mother Nature just might.

Ice is a novel full of great suspense and action. This story has some pretty wicked elements along with drastic villains who just keep on coming. The only component missing from this book was the author’s usual sense of humor, and I was a little disappointed that there was not more sarcasm and wit in the story. I do love how strong Lolly is, not only for her survival instincts but also for her mentality and the way she handles her situation. It was definitely nice to see both the hero and the heroine saving the day in a true Linda Howard way.

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