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ISBN#: 9781595787958
January 2011
Liquid Silver Books
79 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Laramee is a scientist working to help the Icanian people. When she was ten years old she was bonded with a symbion in a ceremony, along with all the other Icarian children. Now, twenty years later with her beautiful wings, she looks Icarian, even though she will always have human DNA. Today she is to be mated.

As the leader of his people, it is Jaren’s duty to assign the mated pairings. Jaren wants Lara for himself but knows he faces a formidable challenge because Lara has every reason to distrust and dislike him.

Jaren has a difficult time expressing his emotions and often what he says seems to spill out quite differently than what he intended to say, especially when he tries to talk to Lara. On the other hand, Lara is concerned that this mating assignment is just another ploy by Jaren to humiliate and discredit her. How can either learn to trust the other when their pasts are so entwined and their personal demons are so ensnared in a legacy of jealousy, betrayal and loss?

For me, the draw of this book is the gorgeous imagery and beauty of a world and culture very different from our own. I sympathized with the winged Icarians and their valiant efforts to preserve and strengthen their bloodlines. The way in which they and their symbions bond for mutual benefit is intriguing and original. I also like that, in this writer’s imagination, a rather mean-spirited boy, with a tendency to be a bully, is nurtured by a loving family in a way that enables him to grow up to become a just and temperate leader. This is an enjoyable short read that allowed me to escape into a fantastic world of azure skies and high, craggy peaks rising far above pristine, clean waters; a beckoning Eden of small islands and isolated aeries. Jaren’s and Lara’s struggle to find a balance and harmony in their personal relationship seems to me to mirror the desires of all Icarians. I, for one, hope the race prospers, and I truly hope to read more adventures set in this breathtaking world.

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