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P.W. Creighton
ISBN# 9781621351832
17 July 2013
Astraea Press
284 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Connor Maitland would like nothing better than to get his life back to normal. Things have happened in the past that hit him hard. By taking some extra jobs on the side, he believes he has finally come to terms with events.

Alison, with friend Veronica, tries to help Connor when it comes to investigations. They are not sure if a cult is behind the violent attacks, especially when it involves a stalker. After a few of the killings start coming from nut jobs, the girls turn to Connor for help.

As Connor begins working with a security consulting firm, he feels Alison is his partner for a reason. After a terrible murder, he and Alison try to work on another case to push on with their investigations. When another shooting takes place, something tells them the cult may not be behind it. Connor and Alison, with the help of Veronica, will work non-stop to see who is behind all the violence. On finding themselves targets, it does not take too long before they are able to uncover the truth. But will it be the end for them?

Hysteria is a book with twists and turns that continue to keep the reader focused on events at hand. The suspense is just enough to make one wonder what will jump out from the corners. Connor is likeable and has a soft side to him. Alison, at times, has a gutsy aura about her so that it takes a little bit to connect with her. Ms. Creighton creates a story with good pacing, excitement and a few eerie moments that engage the reader until the end.

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