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ISBN#: 9781426891434
April 2011
Carina Press
310 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth has been in hiding for two years. She suffered the loss of her best friend and heart sister at the hands of psychotic werewolves. Unfortunately, not only did she lose her best friend, but she lost a bit of her humanity as well since she is now also a werewolf.

Braden is a werewolf and very attracted to the woman he meets in his human friend’s coffee shop. However, he has no idea about her secrets, and it is those secrets that could bring danger to his family’s doorstep.

Markko is the brother of the werewolf that Beth killed, and he is out for revenge against Beth; the slower the better. His and Braden’s families are sworn enemies as well which makes things become volatile quickly.

Beth finally feels safe in Portland, working in a little coffee shop and finally beginning to consider putting down roots. She has even let her guard down enough to date Braden. Unfortunately, her world starts crumbling when she comes home one day to find Markko at her apartment. When Braden also arrives and realizes that Markko is at Beth’s apartment and that Beth may be in collusion with him, he assumes the worst. When Beth sees Braden, the man she is beginning to have feelings for shift into a wolf, she knows her nightmare is starting up again. When Braden and his brother slap ties on her wrists and put her in the trunk of his car, she feels horribly betrayed. Will Beth and Braden be able to work out their differences and accept the feelings they have for each other?

I LOVED Hunting Human! Ms. Alvarez tells a compelling story of past pain, new love, and betrayal. The fear that Beth feels is very real, and the author is able to convey that in such a way as to keep the reader on the edge of her seat. While Braden comes across as a jerk at times, such as when he assumed that Beth was in collusion with Markko, I liked the fact that he was so human. Markko is the perfect evil villain that you just want to hate, and he adds just the right amount of suspense to the story. The love scenes are super hot but filled with emotion, a key to writing a good romance in my opinion. I am hoping for a sequel, as I would love to know Chase and Molly’s stories as well!

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