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Moon Pack Series

Book 1: Attracting Anthony
Book 2: Baiting Ben
Book 3: Courting Calvin
Book 4: Denying Dare
Book 5: Enticing Elliott
Book 6: Finding Farro
Book 7: Getting Gabe
Book 8: Hunting Henry

Moon Pack Series, Book 8
ISBN: 9781920501433
August 6, 2011
Silver Publishing
100 Pages
Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Romance, Shape-shifter, Werewolf
Rating: 4 Cups

He was never meant to be a man, even if he does carry the genetic code, but Dakota never got a choice.

The years that have passed since Henry Moon was rescued have not diminished his resolve. He will never allow his wolf to run free, no matter how much it hurts to keep him buried beneath his skin.

It is all so much a blur for Dakota, but now that he is safe his human emotions are bombarding him. Even within his pack he was a loner, and yet he knows exactly what he is feeling for the Moon Pack’s chef. Henry can barely keep his hands off of the beautiful smaller man, recognizing his wolf has found his mate. But he has nothing to offer, and he will never put himself into a position to hurt anyone ever again.

I love the powerful emotions that swirl and flow throughout this story. There is never a dull moment between Dakota and Henry, and each page only serves to enhance the intensity. This being book eight, there is much that will be missed if you have not read the prior books, yet is a great read all by itself. These are some seriously sexy shifters, and I am eager to read them all.

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