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ISBN: 9781607773085
October 2009
Ravenous Romance
339 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Romance Ain’t Dead

The years together have only made Bruce that much more in love with his wife, and he is thankful for every day.

Sheri is Bruce’s soul mate, and they are lucky enough to be able to enjoy each other to the fullest.

Bruce loves to spend time with his wife. They are as much best friends as they are lovers, so losing her is like losing his soul. She is everything to him, and when the insanely crazy opportunity arises to have her back, he takes it.

This story is the perfect way to start an anthology like this. It really gives you the cornerstone on which this whole book is based. It is sweet, sad, and just a little spooky.

Revenant’s Anonymous

If Casey were not a Zombie she would probably be labeled clinically depressed, but as it is she is just clinically dead.

Coming to the meetings helps Ed feel a little bit more human, and helps keep the cravings at bay.

There is no desire any more in Casey’s life, and she supposes that is to be expected for a Zombie like her, but she cannot help the feeling that there could be more. She wants to feel again, and Ed sparks her interest like nothing and no one has in a long time.

Ed and Casey are like two lost souls, and by the miracle of fate they may have just found the answer within each other.

I Heart Brains

The decay is rapidly accelerating, and Derrick Quinn is lucky enough to be able to pay for a replacement.

She is glad to be rid of her lazy, and obnoxious husband, but Olivia Bradworth has one last request when it comes to her dearly departed.

Eric Bradworth is the perfect specimen for his replacement, and Derrick is ready to take ownership when he learns of one little stipulation in the contract. He must meet the deceased’s widow, and when he does his undead life is irrevocably changed.

Wow… this takes being an organ donor to a whole new level, an enticing little concept for any of those who occasionally harbor the desire to replace an annoying spouse.

Everyone I Love is Dead

It has taken a long time but Millie feels that she has finally moved on with her life. She and Brody were just never meant to be.

There are times when Mark can tell that Millie is still a little hung up on her old flame, but he never imagined a dead guy could come between them.

Millie is left speechless when Brody walks back into her life, considering he has been dead for several years! However, his lack of pulse has little effect on the pounding state of hers, and she is suddenly willing to risk her relationship with Mark to test the waters once again with Brody.

This one has fun and kinky written all over it. You just have to put that imagination to work.

Through Death to Love

She works every day with this special man, who tries so hard to maintain his humanity, and it is getting harder to remain professionally detached.

There are so many obstacles to overcome after death, but Robert valiantly fights the fight with dogged determination.

The feelings are there, if only she was able to act on them, and Robert has sensed this. He wants to take their relationship outside of the boundaries of his therapy, but she is hesitant. He pours on the charm, and for someone with such a driving hunger, she has a hard time resisting.

As much as a story like this can be, there is honesty and warmth at its heart.

Eye of the Beholder

Days can be pretty rough on a body, and Anna feels like she is falling apart at the seams.

For a Zombie, Michael is about as clumsy as you can get, and it is getting really expensive.

Not looking where she is going, Anna runs right into a solid chest wall; unfortunately she leaves a little of herself behind. Michael has wanted a date with this girl forever, but losing an eye seems like a really bad way to get started. Lucky for him, she has a great sense of humor.

This is every bit as sweet as it is hilarious. Have fun reading!

First Love Never Dies

Every one has a first love, and for Detective Ryan that was unconditionally Mandy Lassiter.

She knows that her partner is taking this pretty hard, but Detective Shana Mason has every confidence in his ability to do his job.

The Lassiter compound has come under scrutiny several times, but nothing has been able to stick. Now Ryan and Shana have a lead that cannot be ignored, no matter what his personal feelings may be. He will do what is right, even if it breaks his heart.

This could really be a great teaser for a full-length book. There is some great action and suspense going on.

My Partner the Zombie

Unrequited love is hard to accept, but Aloha Armstrong knows that she has only herself to blame.

Being a Zombie is not an easy existence, but Matt Butcher is resigned to making it the best it can be.

Following up on a story of attempted murder puts Matt and Aloha in the path of a madman. They must ferret out the truth before more people are infected with the virus. Aloha wants the man caught, but she is devastated that she could very well lose Matt in the process.

There is a great dynamic between Matt and Aloha, and it really makes for some fun reading.

Undying Love

It has been many years since his death, but Deetra Jones will never forget the lessons she learned from her grandfather.

This is really his very last chance, and if he could, Joshua Bane would give his life to find Emily.

Not too many know of Dee’s soft spot, and even fewer ever experience it. She simply cannot turn away a man who is so deeply hurt and in such desperate need. Using her skills as a witch to find his Emily is the right thing to do, even if she is still alone in the end.

Okay, how many people would expect to read a Zombie romance and get a lump in their throat? Well, this one is sure to do it.

Captive Hearts

Not too many people have a marriage as enviable as Gina and Paul, so when he suffers from a horrific accident that leaves him a quadriplegic, Gina does everything in her power to take care of him.

Richard sees how much Gina loves her husband, and how much she desperately needs to keep her job, a little fact he is more than willing to take advantage of.

The Zombie plague that has swept through their city has taken its toll, and not even Paul is immune. Gina continues to take care of her husband, and if a certain filthy pig of a boss suffers, so be it.

A classic gruesome tale of Zombie hunger, and the lengths a woman will go to take care of her man.

Apocalypse as Foreplay

Unconventional pretty much describes Sunshine’s upbringing, but it left her with the confidence and strength to do what needs to be done.

Government agents have been trying to find something on Sunshine’s parents for a long time, but Ray finds no fault with them or their daughter.

Blasting Zombies into kingdom come would make a lot of people squeamish, but Sunshine is finding a certain satisfaction in culling the herd. She only wishes Ray were by her side. Ray fights his way across town, and finds the love of his life just as magnificent as a warrior goddess.

With names like Ray and Sunshine there is no question that these two are a powerful force to be reckoned with. No one would be fool enough to laugh at them!

Julia Brainchild

His cooking show is the talk of the town, and Richard Ashford is happily riding the Gravy Train.

A century old, and no one would ever be able to tell Julia Brainchild is a day over 25.

Richard is a little tongue-tied when he meets the famous Julia Brainchild for the first time. This woman is gorgeous and feisty, and he is determined to stake his claim. Julia puts him off in every instance, but when he seduces her with an old family recipe, she has no other alternative.

I honestly do not think I have ever read the word “brain” so many times in such a short period of time. This is a hoot, if you can take it.

Kicking the Habit

John will never forget how lovely his prom date looked on that fateful night, an indelible image on a brain that is rotting by the second.

She is back only to find John in the throes of an insatiable hunger, but Maria is not ready to give up on him yet.

The cravings are gut wrenching in their intensity, and John is moments away from satisfying his when a vision steps out of the night. Maria is there in all of her ethereal glory, albeit with a few missing pieces, but she is here nonetheless. Maria cajoles and pleads with John to give up his prey, and maybe with her help find a way to fight the hunger.

A little gore, a bit fun, and a lot of sweetness are to be found with Maria and John.


Inheriting a home on the beautiful island of Martinique sounds like a dream come true for FBI Agent Rebecca Davis.

The trip to see his new island home is made all the sweeter for Dr. Griffin Stoddard when he meets his lovely traveling companion.

Rebecca is not one to waste an opportunity, so when Griffin responds to not so subtle advances; she knows their little vacation is going to be sizzling hot. However, when they arrive at the house, they find it more fitting to a Freddy Kruger movie than a tropical paradise. And while it may be suicidal, neither of them are willing to walk away when screams light up the night.

Sexy and suspenseful are sure-fire ways to make any story more attractive, and this is definitely fitting.

White Night, Black Horse

Walking away from his heritage was a very bad move for Joseph, and one he is sort of living to regret.

She has no memory or feeling of who she is, and Marie-Celeste has survived innumerable days in this state.

Awareness is barely a fleeting sensation, but Joseph is aware of Marie-Celeste. He is given one more chance to change the course of his existence, and if it means he can be with Marie-Celeste, he must take it. Pain, rage, fear, and ecstasy vie for attention when Joseph revives Marie-Celeste, but this may be the only chance either of them have.

Thousands of years of voodoo and witchcraft are a great basis on which this plot is contrived, and they make for a very interesting read.

Inhuman Resources

If her mother gets on her case one more time about getting a job, Claire is going to scream. It is not her fault that no one wants to hire someone with her particular lack of skills.

It is a tough job, but Rafe Thayer is confident in his ability to eradicate the Zombie threat, even if he is still living in his parents’ basement.

A nine-to-five excruciatingly boring day job is absolutely what Claire does not want, but her mother’s ultimatum leaves her little choice. Her first day on the job lets her know what kind of freaks she is working with, but a job is a job. Rafe walks into the insurance office where Claire is working, and decides right then, she is his next mission.

These two dorky twenty-somethings are just quirky enough to make this a delightfully rotten read.

The Magician’s Apprentice

For as long as she can remember, Carla Nash has loved Ray Stellar, and she humiliated herself time and again throwing herself at him.

He is king of the Vegas strip with his magic show, but Ray has one more trick he is dying to try, and he knows just the person he can get to do it for him.

Carla cannot believe her luck when Ray waltzes back into her life, and to think he wants her in his show sends her over the top. His assistant Tony is also someone Carla has known for years, but he has definitely gotten much better looking. Tony warns Carla time and again that Ray cannot be trusted, but Carla is blinded by love, and it may just cost her eternity.

Some women are just sad, and Carla has that role completely locked down. What a depressing way to live your life.

Some New Blood

Lucy is afraid that they really are just two old married people, not so much in age as in run-down and wore-out.

Unfortunately, Dan is feeling the same, but neither seems to have the energy to make a change.

You would think that being Zombies would change the day to day drudgery of life, but Dan and Lucy get up, go to work, and come home and crash just like everyone else. They need something to shake things up, and a party invitation from their neighbors may be just the ticket.

Ohh kinky, fun, and frightening all wrapped up in one!

Last Times at Ridgemont High

He was never the popular guy in school, but Jeremy McGowan is okay with that, even if he secretly wishes a certain head cheerleader would look his way once in a while.

As a high school English teacher, Angela Baymiller is very conscientious how she interacts with her students.

Everybody has a bad day in high school every now and then, but this one is over the top for Jeremy. Public humiliation, almost getting raped and beaten by the football jocks, and then nearly being eaten by Zombies really constitutes a very bad day. He never expected a silver lining, especially not one as amazing as this.

For all of you nerdy geeky survivors of high school, here is a story just for you.

First Date

In the history of first dates Angie is sure this has to be one of the worst. Her date is superficial, self-absorbed, and just flat out annoying.

Ian can see at first glance what a jerk the guy is, but he puts a smile on his face as he waits on their table.

Angie is ready to call it quits when a streak of horror crashes into the window next to their table. Within seconds, the restaurant is in chaos, and her date Barry is virtually worthless. It is a good thing Ian can take charge and take orders, and it does not hurt either that he is seriously hot.

A dead beat date takes on a whole new meaning when the going gets rough, but I love how Angie barely misses gears, and takes charge of her destiny.


We all think that we have tomorrow to say the things that need said, or do the things that need done, but it can all be over in the blink of an eye.

They are getting ready for a party, and Rachel is always running a little late, but this time it is her very attentive boyfriend’s fault.

He watches his beautiful girlfriend skip out the door and across the street on their way to a party, and that is the end to everything. The van that took her life may as well have taken his too. He cannot imagine going on without her, and he does not intend to.

Again, here is an unexpected love story that is bound to break your heart. A great way to end a most eclectic collection of Zombie reads.

If you are expecting a monstrous montage of blood and gore, I think you will find this anthology to be so much more. Some of these stories have really wonderful characters, and plots full of love and affection. Of course there are the ubiquitous brain munchers, and sloughing body parts, but that is just part of the fun. I will not say that this is a read for everyone, but if you enjoy a bit of black humor and have a sense of adventure, I am sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy this distinctly different read.

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