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27 December 2012
312 Pages
Romantic Horror Vampire
Rating: 3 Cups

With what has happened to Jenny, she now has a secret she must keep from everybody, especially those she cares about the most. She is a vampire which does not mean she has to be a monster. All she wants is to have a normal life and be there for her children now that she is their only parent.

After losing her husband to an attack, Jenny cannot remember, and her world crumbles apart. With nowhere to go, she returns to her hometown to be near her brother, Joey, and start fresh. Recovering from the tragic attack is difficult as her body goes through strange changes. When she realizes she is a vampire, she makes it her main goal not to let it affect her life or her relationship with her children.

Soon, however, the vampires that killed her husband and changed her return and begin killing the townspeople. At first, Jenny hopes she is wrong, but eventually she knows they have come back for her, so she must do something or her children may be in danger.

Jenny really shows readers the bond between a mother and her children as well as the grief process after losing a beloved spouse. Readers experience the many levels of caring a person has during the day-to-day life. Not only does Jenny love her children with a fierceness that a mother alone has, but she also has a strong familial bonds with her brother. Each person in the town has a distinctive personality and moves the story along nicely. However, I do think the main character must have been suffered from a major case of denial about her condition. For someone who has fought vampires and interacted with them on a personal level, it takes her a long while to discover what she has become. Still, on the whole, the story is in-depth, fast paced and emotionally satisfying.

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