Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-0-446-19705-2
August 2009
Grand Central/Forever
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ally is finally letting go of her past and getting ready to move to San Francisco and a new job. She was abandoned by her parents ten years before and has finally accepted that they are not coming back.

Sam is a successful advertising man and a bit of a playboy. No woman is allowed to stay in his life longer than a month. He is an avid soccer player. Ally’s grandmother Donatella definitely has peaked his interest.

Ally’s grandmother, a wealthy and once quite astute woman has decided to live in her favorite Regency romance book. And if that is not enough, she has decided that Sam Carson is the duke from the book and that the confirmed bachelor is destined to marry plain schoolteacher cum spinster Ally. Add to that Lady Donatella’s determination to remove to her home in the country (Fire Island) by carriage and Ally’s last summer in New York is turning into quit an adventure.

This is a romp of a story. Even deluded as she is Granny Donny is a force of nature and no one seems able to refuse her wishes. Mateo, the mysterious coachman and his faithful steed Paula add an interesting subplot. The characters are vividly quirky and the plot kept me up way beyond my bedtime because I had to know what happened next. Sam and Ally are very sympathetic characters who have lived with a lot of heartache and deserve every bit of fun and romance that they can get, and Granny Donny is just the person to provide it for them and everyone else she loves.

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