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Rylie Cruz Series:

Book 1 How to Date a Werewolf
Book 2 How to Date a Vampire (coming soon)
Book 3 How to Date a Demon (coming soon)

Rylie Cruz Series, Book 1
ISBN: Unavailable
April 2011
300 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rylie Cruz is cursed. It is distressing enough that she turns all hairy and grows fangs once a month, but she also has inherited the family curse, placed several generations earlier by a gypsy witch. Unfortunately for Rylie, her life suddenly becomes more complicated than ever.

When the sexy Jack Chandler, a psychiatrist, moves into the office space across the hall from Rylie’s fledgling business, Get a Mate, a matchmaking service, Jack is drawn to Rylie’s vivacious wit. However, Jack finds out that dating her is more challenging than he ever expected.

Lies, lies, lies – Rylie must protect her secrets at all costs. She finds Jack incredibly attractive but fears that their relationship is doomed to failure because of her wolfy condition and the gypsy curse. Jack tries his best to help Rylie, believing that she suffers from a mental condition, but when the threats escalate and the police become involved, Rylie is left with only one choice.

This story is filled with mishap after mishap as all of Rylie’s best intentions seem to backfire on her. A consummate liar Rylie is not, but she certainly gets an A for effort. There were so many times I laughed out loud at the crazy shenanigans and mischief that dogged even her best attempts at normalcy. Ms. Pressey certainly knows how to keep the humor and the suspense in near perfect balance. This was a quick, quite enjoyable read for me, as I could not let go until the very end. I will certainly be on the lookout for more books to read from this author.

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