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ISBN: 1606010043
November 2010
Siren Publishing
103 Pages
Erotica; Contemporary; Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Carol Bell is an artist. She is also a free spirit who travels to different cities, depending on where her job takes her.

Baron and Sham are bounty hunters posing as repairmen. Their job is to retrieve Carol’s ex-husband and get him to jail.

Baron did not expect to feel so attracted to Carol, but one look at her and he finds himself wanting her more than he can ever remember wanting another woman. Sham feels they should keep their hands to themselves, knowing that once Carol finds out they are looking for her ex, it will tear her up inside. To make matters worse, Carol’s ex decides to make an appearance, which complicates Baron and Sham’s life. Now they will have to find some way to reveal the truth to Carol without hurting her in the process.

Hot Wired is a good read. There are some really great moments within the tale, especially some of the sexy scenes. However, there are some parts that do not flow as well as the rest of the story and had me feeling as if those particular scenes are almost forced into the story. I also am not a big fan of how easy Carol is toward her ex-husband once she found out what he was doing. I must say that Ms. Womack did give me an entertaining read for the most part.

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