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ISBN: 9781419924279
November 2009
An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication
82 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Approaching middle age, okay already at middle age, has Autumn Kelley taking stock of her life, and what she sees has her running scared. So she does the one thing any sensible single woman in her forties would NOT do…she buys a Texas ranch on E-Bay!

Sweetgrass Ranch is home for Mitchell Brand, well at least temporarily until he scopes out the new owner and decides if it is worth his time to stick around. What he discovers is definitely worth his time.

This is so not the picturesque home that Autumn imagined when she purchased Sweetgrass Ranch. However, it is everything she deserves for doing something so idiotic. But the choice was hers. Now it is up to her to make the most of it, and after meeting Mitch, that is exactly what she intends to do. Here is the younger man her body has been craving, and from the looks he is throwing her way, the feeling is mutual. Mitch, however, has a few surprises for Autumn, namely his best friend Randy, if he can convince her that age is absolutely not a factor in his feelings for her.

How is it that some people can step right smack dab into a cow patty and come out smelling like a rose? Seriously, could Autumn get any more lucky than to have not only one but two hunkalicious cowboys ready and willing to cater to her every desire? I think not. As for the age factor, they are all consenting adults, and I found it to be of really no consequence. In fact, I cannot see a younger woman having the guts or stamina to take on ranch life or the men who make it their livelihood.

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