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ISBN#: 978-1-58749-173-3
May 2009
Awe-Struck Publishing
135 pages
Contemporary romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Betsy Alexander is a real estate agent and a fairly good one given the present market. She has learned that men cannot be trusted; they always let you down in the end. So her ambition is to build her own home on a nice hilled piece of land she has found. Then she learns that a local builder has purchased her dream land and plans to build a whole load of houses on it.

Skylar Blakewood is a self-made man. He has worked up from having nothing to wanting for nothing, until he purchases a nice hilltop piece of land and meets Betsy Alexander.

Skylar has hired Betsy to sell his new houses, well new house as the planning department is giving him problems. The problem is she really does not like him, well she does, but does not want him to know she does. And as she wants the house herself, she really does not want to sell it.

Skylar and Betsy are a wild pair. They clash against each other at every opportunity. But even if they will not admit it, they bring out the best in each other. If only Betsy would learn to talk to him. Her poor opinion of men in general causes most of Betsy's problems. Ms Diamond has given us a thrilling story of love overcoming prejudice and fear.

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