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ISBN: (13)9781607771760
April 2009
Ravenous Romance
199 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Gym Buddy

Lea noticed the man first because of her friend’s obsession with seeing his face. Ollie has been trying to get the woman to stick around long enough for him to introduce himself. When Lea and Ollie finally hook-up in the staff locker room, they get the work-out they have been looking for.

Gym Buddy by Ms. Coldwell is a cute story about missed opportunities and going for what you want. Lea’s curiosity towards Ollie starts when her friend is determined to see what his face looks like, since his back is always to them. Meanwhile, he has been trying to get a moment alone with Ollie, but by the time he was done with his workout, she had already disappeared. This is a tale that is fun but not much else.

The Pick-Up

Terry is waiting for her daughter when a woman starts talking about a hot man by the crosswalk. Mark loves picking up his daughter from school. When he sees Terry sitting and talking with another woman, he knows their daughter will be happy to see her. Once they get home, Terry cannot wait to tell her husband how he has aptly been named a DILF.

This story by Ms. Taria is a very funny tale with a great storyline. I think it is great that Terry gets to see what other women think about her husband. The sex scenes are sizzling hot and the story on the whole had me laughing.

Making Time

Charity finds herself falling for her best friend, Mike. As a single father, he represents everything she wants in a man. Can she convince him that it is time to take their relationship from being platonic to heating up the bed sheets?

Ms. Rowan has written a romantic story that pulls at your heartstrings with a plot about friendship, love, and steamy sex. This is a wonderful tale to read. I found both Charity and Mike’s bond to be strong and sure, making the romance that much sweeter.

Construction Paper Hearts

Tara Fuller is a teacher at Whitman Academy International School. Going through her class list, she realizes that one of her students has two women as parents. When Maria Ramirez walks into her classroom, her body tingles and aches all over, but for what she is not sure. Will Maria recognize the desire Tara feels for her and if she does, will she act on it?

This story was so sensual and hot, I still think I need a cool breeze to bring my temperature down. Ms. Lumpkin has written a wonderfully erotic story of how a woman discovers that she has an attraction to women, or at least one woman in particular. Thank you for giving me a story that is both remarkable and memorable!

The Penalty Shot

Greg Miller is the president of OutJocks, a gathering of lesbians and gays who bring awareness and acceptance to his college. When Coach Don Jansen meets up with Greg, he is stunned to find himself attracted to the much younger man, especially since he is anti-gay. Will he find himself turning away from the man who could be the love of his life? Or will Don finally discover exactly who he is?

Mr. Jockel has written a wonderful tale of self-discovery. Coach Jansen’s complicated feelings are depicted in a very realistic way. It made me ache for the struggle he found himself in. Not to mention the spicy sex scenes were so scorching hot I thought I would burn my eyes reading them.

Taking Chances

Benjamin is going out of town for a vacation and invites Laura to come along with him and his daughter. Laura and Ben have been best friends for quite some time; they steady each other when a shoulder is needed. Getting to the hotel and finding that his two room reservations somehow turned into one room felt like a sign to Ben. It is time for him to make his move on his best friend and hope that it will not ruin what they already have.

Ms. Chase wrote a funny, cute, and hot story about best friends turning into lovers. Ben is a caring father who wants his best friend in his life for more than just a friend. Laura is the girl next door who is there for Ben when he most needed. The sex scenes are nice and hot and the ending put a smile on my face.

Cloaks, Daggers, and Diapers

Derek James is undercover in Moscow when a shocking delivery makes him an instant dad. Jillian Summers may be the best thing he has found, a nanny and beautiful to boot. When someone starts shooting out his car windows, instead of screaming and ducking, Jillian suddenly whips out her own gun and starts shooting back. Derek wants to know who the woman is and if her dangerous side has a role in her bedroom antics.

Ms. Jackson has written an action-packed story. How much more intriguing can a story be when you combine a sexy spy, a mysterious waitress who carries a gun, and a newly discovered baby? This is a great tale that will have any person reliving their James Bond fantasy moments, especially the nice and spicy ones.

An Amorous Act

Margaret Bailey is co-starring in a new play and cannot wait for things to get started. When Damien Rohnert comes rumbling along on his motorcycle, she thinks the worst. Seeing him with some sleazy teenager has her furious, and she cannot even figure out why. His oozing sensuality soon has her wishing for a chance, but since the beautiful star of the show seems to have an interest in him as well, can it ever happen?

Ms. Brown has written a tantalizing tale full of hot sex. Damien is the quintessential bad boy who oozes charm and looks like he could get any woman he wants. Margaret tries to fight off her attraction to him, but falls under his spell. This is a very sexy and sometimes funny read that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Four Things about a Father

Jake is reading to his son when he notices a woman staring at him. Cora cannot get over how seductive the man’s voice is as he reads out loud. When they begin their date, the sensual pull between the two keeps them on edge. And where it goes from there is a very sexy story indeed.

Ms. Wood tells the tale through Cora’s eyes about how she sees Jake. The sensuality of her words is very descriptive and wonderful. The way the author told this story was like having a bird’s eye view of their dating experience. What a great way to describe this wonderful tale.

Moving In With My Employer

Ralph needed a live-in nanny to take care of his two sons. Gina is perfect for the job, even though they had a past relationship. When they become lovers, it seems like it just might work out. What will happen though when the kids begin to see Gina as a new mother?

Ms. Bluekissed wrote a nice story about past lovers meeting up for a second chance. I did not find this story very great; it was just okay for me. While the finger painting, as well as the sex scene, were hot, I wish there would have been a little more sex throughout this tale.

Pride and Joy

Dylan Straub is a gay man looking for a family. When he finds information on egg donors and surrogate mothers, Dylan feels like he has finally found his solution. When he meets Laura Chavez, the woman who is pregnant, he also finds himself stunned to realize that she is also a male. Will Dylan continue to see his family project through now that it is a transgender carrying his baby to term?

This story by Ms. Davis started out as a great tale, showing how Dylan struggled to get the family he wanted. However, there are parts of the story that I found to be confusing with information that was incorrect. I did find the thought of a transgender carrying a child a very unique story to tell.

Not Your Mama’s Spring Break Fling

Jadyn is on a mission to seduce her best friend’s father while on spring break. Ryan is not too shocked when his daughter’s best friend shows up, as she came over to visit all the time before she left for college. With her hot body in a tight top and a skirt that is short enough to see everything, Ryan knows exactly what Jadyn wants. Will she get the chance to follow through with her plan or is it doomed to failure?

This sensual story is so hot and sensual, it makes every girlhood crush come alive. I love how determined Jadyn is to finally seduce Ryan, even knowing there is a huge chance that her seduction may be pushed aside. Ryan is hot and steamy and oh so male, it was a great tale.

Not This Time, Daddy

Ruby has not had sex since her last break up and needs it badly. Hearing about a house that entertains orgies, she goes with her friend and meets Jefferson, the host of the party. As the night progresses, she is introduced to some new ways and new people and begins to explore her sensuality.

Mr. Jefferson wrote a very hot, erotic, and tantalizing story full of many different types of sex. For the most part, the story was great. The erotic moments were so sizzling and searing. However, there was not much of a storyline other than the sex.

Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology is a very erotic book full of so many different arenas of sex. Each author brings their unique talents to the work and leave their mark. It was not always a great story, but overall, the stories were extremely well written, and I fell in love with most of them. One of the points I like the best about this collection of tales is that there are so many different subgenres that I was never bored of the same old writing. And I will not forget all the scorching, steamy, sizzling, sensual scenes that give sex an overwhelming sense of being blazing!

Caution: This tale contains many different subgenres. This includes some f/f, m/m, older/younger, f/m/m, transgender, BDSM, spanking, anal play/anal sex, and is a red-hot romance!

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